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Quartz Infrared Lamps & Drying Systems


High quality electric infrared heating equipment since 1954.  We built and installed the first infrared paint curing oven for General Motors Corporation. Today, our equipment is used in a wide range of industries ranging from Automotive, Plastics, Printing, Food, Electronics, Textiles, and Comfort Heating.


What sets us apart from our competition is that we manufacture quartz infrared lamps. As the manufacturer, we have the flexibility and knowledge to design systems using the most efficient infrared wavelength for the application. We manufacture short-wave and medium-wave Infrared lamps, single or twin-tube design, with and without a gold or white oxide primary reflector.


Quality replacement lamps for many competitors' equipment. Whether it's M&R's screen printing lamps, Heidelberg’s twin-tube printing press lamps, Fostoria and Solaira comfort heating lamps, or Emitted Energy's plastic stake welding lamps, we offer very competitive pricing and typically have them in stock, ready to ship. 

Quartz Infrared Lamps & Drying Systems

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